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Southworth Handling Ltd has more than 20 years experience providing a range of advice, equipment and services to industrial and commercial customers in Britain and Europe.

Supplying not only standard equipment but also specialist solutions to individual applications by tailoring equipment to suit customer and operator requirements.

Sustainable growth through ethical business practice.



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Southworth Handling Ltd aims to grow as a company by treating our customers fairly and ethically, providing a long term partnership rather than simply be “another supplier”.

We have as a company built on our strong reputation over the last 20 years providing our customers with the quality and service that they deserve.

We strongly believe as a company in –

Honesty – if we can do we will – if we can’t, then we will tell you!

Respect – only by listening we can learn!
That way we can give the right advice and fully understand the problems which need to be solved.

Common Sense – always trying to provide the right product for a given application.

Good Advice – always try to listen and learn before speaking so that what we say is of merit.

Simple Solutions – we aim to provide equipment which gives a genuine improvement to working practice – unless we can do this effectively the equipment will not get used anyway – our equipment needs to be easy to use and offer a genuine improvement.

Safer Working Practice – by providing simple solutions the equipment gets used and therefore improves operator safety, reduces lost man hours caused by injury and therefore improves efficiency through improved working conditions.

Service – treat our customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves – be prepared to listen and learn and to make our customers feel as important as they are!

Flexibility – we don’t just provide standard equipment – by offering simple effective modifications the equipment we sell can be tailored to individual requirements more cost effectively.

Sustainability – long term commitment to our customers – the ability to do more than simply supply equipment but also to offer operator training, service, maintenance and parts supply.

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