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AIRSWEEP for TOUGH flow problems

Eliminate: Rat holes, Arching, Sticky build-up
No Noise
No Structural Stress

AIRSWEEP is Unique
AIRSWEEP is an air injection system that combines the power of a blaster with the sophistication of controlled feeding to eliminate arching, rat holes and caked-on material. AIRSWEEP uses very little air - much less than air pads, blasters, lances or pneumatic vibrators.

Powerful mini-pulses of air are directed between the material and the container wall to sweep and lift material off sloping surfaces. Loosened material falls out toward the outlet, initiating downward flow of bin contents. Sequenced, timed firing of strategically positioned AIRSWEEPS maintain positive and controlled outflow with minimum expenditure of air.

Where to use AIRSWEEP
Metal, concrete, wood, or glassfibre bins, hoppers, silos, chutes, batchers, feeders,centrifuges - any place granular or fine material builds up or bridges.

Cost efficient! The average system uses less than 10CFM of Plant air. No damage, vibration, stress or wear to container walls. Easy installation.

Only one moving part, the piston, features a dust-tight nozzle that quickly recloses and reseals after firing. Fines and feedback material are locked out, eliminating clogging and jamming.



New AIRSWEEP air injection units eliminate bin/silo discharge problems.

  • Non-Vibratory

  • 3 Year Guarantee

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