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Pallet Pal 3

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Pallet Pal has been a headline product for over 20 years – it is still the only truly power free automatic pallet leveller on the market.
We have constantly developed Pallet Pal during that time and Pallet Pal 3 is the latest development.
The new machine has given us the opportunity to look in detail at the design and make changes in line with our customer’s requirements.
Pallet Pal 3 is now built in Britain – we have been able to improve quality with powder coated finish as standard, plus we are now also able to offer colour changes to suit customer requirements on request.

Pallet Pal 3 You Tube Video How It Works



Pallet Pal Design



Examples of Pallet Pal options and applications

pallet pal bellows
Stainless Steel Pallet Pal
Pallet Pal with levelling feet
All Stainless Steel
Levelling Feet

Pallet Pal 3 Product Shot

Pallet Pal 3 in use.

Simple to operate - virtually maintenance free.

Proven in a variety of applications

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