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A range of adjustable width stackers and trolleys designed to handle a variety of loads.

The LEV range of adjustable width hydraulic lift pedestrian stackers comes in two models for loads up to 600Kg, with attachments to handle rolls, drums and containers up to 350Kg.


  LEV 300   LEV 600   LEV 600 Manual


LEV 300 stacker with foot pedal operated hydraulic lift. The forks can grip the outside of loads up to 300Kg and lift loads up to 600Kg.




LEV 600 unit with electric powered lift and drive fitted with a powered roll handler.

The operator can lift rotate and load rolls up to 350 Kg, all controls are mounted remote for safety.




Another LEV 600 this time a manual operated lift but fitted with a drum lifter and rotator for pouring drums up to 350 Kg into mixing vessels.

Used widely in the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries.




The Pal Bac adjustable width trolley is designed to lift loads such as cabinets and boxes - ideally suited for office moves because the lift mechanism is manually operated so can not leak or drop oil on delicate floor coverings.

  Pal Bac  

Pal Bac is available in two models each with a standard fork length option of 825 or 1025 mm long.

The Pal Bac 750 will handle loads up to 750Kg and the larger capacity Pal Bac 1000 for loads up to 1000Kg.

Ideal for moving awkward loads such as vending machines, filing cainets, plastic containers and office equipment like photo copiers and white goods.

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